Telecollaboration 3

We are done of the telecollaboration project it only lasted for 2 months. The actual Skype chats took like 5 times or 6.

My reflections of this project:

Distance Education:

Coordinating distance education is a difficult and tedious task. It has its rewards; however, it needs lots of preparation and organization. Time difference was a real obstacle in the process of Skype conversations in addition to students’ enthusiasm. Some students kept this enthusiasm from the beginning till the end. Others drifted towards their busy lives, especially that they are not promised anything, such as a certificate.


We asked students to record their Skype conversations to follow up with their progress. Some of them have not recorded the conversations because they did not know how, although we gave them the names of websites to use to record conversations.  Some of them recorded the conversations on their mobile phones. Still, there’s the problem of uploading these conversations on a platform or sending them. Some of these conversations take long time in downloading.


Many students did not continue blogging; they depended on Skype conversations. Also, they talked about different things other than what they wrote their blogs about. So, they felt that writing the blogs has no use.
I have not figured this out as to solve this problem; how to connect blogging with Skyping.


Despite the fact I have chosen my participants skillfully based on their performance in previous courses with me, some of them were not that committed to the course and they slipped into their busy schedules. The good news is that only two of them were like that out of eight.  Not bad, isn’t it!

Not bad, isn’t it!


I need to sit with an expert to see how to benefit from such a project because I feel that it was a good pool for future studies;however, much needs to be done to have an accurate study and benefit from such projects.


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