Tellocollaboration 2

I am in the middle of the project with the American university. There have been many challenges. For example, the lack of face-to-face contact with my students was one. I only communicated with them via social media or telephones because they were former students I have known through different contexts. I chose those whom I feel have the commitment to do such a project.

The first task for them to start the collaboration was to create a blog, then they should introduce themselves saying some interesting things about their lives. The American Teacher and I put groups together of 3s and 2s to comment on each other’s blogs and write 3 language mistakes in their blogs.

The second task was to describe your hometown through taking your American/Egyptian to your favorite place in your city saying why? We had them prepare 5 questions before they start talking with each other.

Challenges in this phase:

1- Technology; as students needed some time to use Skype and exchange Skype IDs.

2-Some students are lazy to do the tasks; they just put it off.

3- I had some challenges related to my context because I do not see my students, so I call them and email them regularly. I felt that if I have a face-to-face contact with them, I would have different and better communication!

4-Assigning tasks; the partner teacher I have is very helpful and understanding, but we as a team should have more cooperation as this could have alleviated many tasks that both of us at the same time, each for her group!


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