Telecollaboration Project

I will write a series of posts to record what happens in the tele project I am doing with a university in the U.S. The students are undergrads studying Arabic. They have different ages as some of them are over 30 studying at the university.

Finding The Partner University:

I was introduced to a website called Unicollaboration. This website is created for telecollaboration exchange programs.

I contacted a teacher and she willingly agreed to collaborate with me in this project sacrificing many hours of sleep.

After I agreed with her, I had to make sure of my students I have selected for this project that they are ready for the tasks of it. I kept contacting and emailing them. I contacted them by telephone making sure they know the commitment they are tying themselves into. The tasks, the nature of the project, etc…

The first steps:

1- It is to be research affiliated with the American university I am doing the project with. I have to take a refresh training on the ethics of research because this is a research done with human beings. I did this to be able to publish the results according to the IRB (Institutional Review Board).

2- It was to get students’ consent to use the results for research purposes. That part was difficult, especially many students ignore such emails.  A third party had to contact students other than me and the teacher who works with me in the project to get students’ consent.

3- It was doing a survey for students asking them about many things they would like to talk about, their preferences regarding gender of their partners, their knowledge regarding some websites, etc..


Will continue in a later post…. 🙂


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