Well, I have been working for quite some time at the American university in Cairo. I am a part-timer and it suits me well for the work conditions, hours, and many things. Lately, I started to apply for other full-time jobs though I haven’t worked for as a full-timer before seeing stability and all the benefits a full-time job offers.

Anyhow, I was requested to do 2 demos at two good private schools in Egypt.

The first one is about filling in a lesson plan and talking about it, then the panel asks questions about the LP. In this interview the task is set to teach upper-intermediate students for one hour how to write comparative and contrast essay.

The other is a demo and admin questions. In this one, the task is not set and you may choose whatever lesson you want to teach.

The challenge in the second was that I should come out with something that can be taught within 15 minutes. The two interviews went OK. Here are my reflections on both of them, the first One:

1- It shows evidently the panel the English proficiency of the applicant.

2- How skillful the applicant is in organizing their LPs

3- Their way of thinking in integrating the activities of a class.

4-A new method for me, instead of the usual demo, to show the skills of the teacher.

5- Takes more time and questions, which gives the applicant the chance to show their potentials.

The second interview was a usual one, just less than a 10-min presentation and the panel intrrupted me and asked me some admin questions.

Which one did I like better?

I liked the first one better, it displays the professionality of a teacher and his/her ability to write a lesson plan and justify their decisions in choosing the activities and the timing written in the LP.

How to choose sth for a 10-min demo?

1- Choose sth you’ve taught before(if not and they gave you the situation,google it starting with ‘how to teach…..’

2- Look for YouTube videos for any explanations.

3- Ask your personal learning network(Facebook, Twitter, etc…

4- There’s a good #Eltchat every Wendesday to chatch and you can hash tag them in many questions, sometimes members reply. Try!

5- Try to cool down, and be yourself… I know it’s not a tip, but I totally believe in destiny… if you’re destined to work at this place you would do and best of luck, enjoy the experince. It’s experince at the end of the day, so it goes both ways…. 😀


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