Some and Any Recitation

Yesterday I had a session with my elementary students on some/any… and should. I had two consecutive classes teaching the same level. I did not do any communicative activities with them. Only paper excercises and mechnical practices to just ‘make them understand’ 

I even wrote the rules on the board and read it from the book with minimal elicitation from students. That with the first group. But with the second, which I actually prefer, I improvised some activities on the spot. For example, to practice ‘should’, I told them to write a problem they have and then write their names. Then, I asked them to write these on slips of paper and then I collected them and redistributed them. I asked them to reponsd to those slips of paper by writing advice to each other. The original plan was to exchange them back, but then I saw that they have mistakes in the pieces of advice they gave. So, I asked them to read the problem, the name and the advice. 

It was a nice activity. But, I am still searching for interactive ways to teach grammar. 

I think one nice communicative activity would be a conversation between two students; one student goes to the grocery store and tells the sales person of the items that s/he needs to make for example macarony with white sauce. The sales person replies using any and some. 

The conversation will be something like this:

Customer: Hey, good morning. I need some marony, where can I find it?
Salesperson: it’s over there madam. Do you need anything else?
Customer: yes, what about tomato paste? Do you have some?
Salesperson: No, we don’t have any…

And the conversation continues according to the ingredients the two students are talking about. This activity will take sometime. So, it might be a good idea to brief students on ths activity and ask them to work it out as homework. Then, ask them to go over what they have written in class and perform the conversation in front of students.



Hope you like it!


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