Post Delta module two

Language Leader

I know I have been writing randomly, and I am not a regular writer on my blog. But, I have decided to become a regular one. One post per week. I will use this space to reflect on my teaching practices after doing Delta module two.

After doing Delta module two. I felt that I have changed and become a new enlightened teacher. I am not sure how to keep this. I want to keep this improvement and improve myself more. I thought of posting reflections on my current practices and what I do in the class.


I was tutoring on the present simple verb to be and the student had a good knowledge about the rule. So, I started with giving her written exercises on verb to be to measure her abilities and then explain what  she does not understand.

Then, I wanted to give her question forms using verb to be (am I, is s/he…? etc..). So, I used a situation she was narrating before we start the class about the difficulty of her job. I asked her to use verb to be in questioning this situation, for example what she does with her subordinates, their attitudes towards her, etc.. At the beginning, she did not understand, but then she started to give examples from her job about them. She said ‘am I right in asking them to do…? Are they correct in asking for more money?… I am not sure what the best approach to teach verb to be in one-to-one classes.

What I improved on in my Delta is creating a context and integrating communicative purpose for the class. However, I could not do that with her.

Language Leader


Then, another student joined in the next class. I taught them some vocabulary and after some time  I thought that this boring to give her random vocabulary without a text or integrating these words. So, I increased the situation worse by asking her to put them in a dialogue. While I was saying this to her, I knew that this is not educationally appropriate because I did not give them a function to use. So, they have some vocabulary and they have to use in a dialogue.

I think what I need to improve on this part is finding activities suitable for two students. Maybe I could have asked them to match their definitions first and then ….. I do not know…. I was just giving them random vocabulary on places in a city. This was the topic of the unit.

Actually, I have not prepared for this class. I depended that I taught this class several times and I know the content, however, it’s different to tutor!

BTW: I am using Language Leader by Longman 


Language Leader




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