Final project2

Finally I can say my mid-term vacation has just started!  I finished my project which was a Wiki about ESL. I chose this field because I  am an ESL teacher.I’ll divide this post into lessons learned from doing the wiki and plans for the future.

Lessons Learned:

Difficulties Faced:

1- Finding material to meet my needs

2- Finding Creative Commons pictures

3- Doing many things at the same time; reading books for the Wiki,  posting blog posts,  finalizing my proposal for my project of my masters, and of course my work.

4- The desire to create a good product

How did I get over the difficulties?

1- I tweeted my problems and my twitter network supported me, Jamie and Linda are wonderful classmates as they have supported me in my final project especially Linda.

2- I learned that to use pictures, I should have a permission to use them on my Wiki. Thus, I only used Creative Commons pictures.

3- I read books and articles to get the material

4- I followed many tweets to include in my Wiki

Future Plans:

This Wiki is just a start for me as a professional supporter for English teachers and learners. This is not the end. It might be the end of this term ECI831, but I think many of my colleagues will carry on what we learned in this class. We will “pay it forward”. My Wiki is my way to pay it forward to all those who did not have the chance to take such a course. I know this is a very laborious task, however, I am ready to do it because I have an aim and I really want to do this… as I said before I want English teachers to find most of what they need on my page. I would be proud to be this resourceful person who can help others when they are in need. I will carry on and do what I have to do because the things I know now should be spread to others.

Thanks to you all,

Thanks to all my colleagues and finally you Dr. Couros

Note:  I’ll still be your Egyptian distant student 🙂



  1. Hello! my name is Hyerin Suk in Introduction to eLearning for Educators course at Bellevue College in Washington. I recently read your bio and your blog from the link that my professor has provided for us, and I found some commonalities from your position with mine that I have decided to leave a comment. I’m from Korea and I’m trying to get a certificate from Bellevue College for teaching, and I’m planning on teaching English back in Korea. If you have any advice or tips that might be helpful for such career, I’ll very appreciate your help. Thanks and hope whatever you decide to do in the future will work out great!

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