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One of the good sessions I had was that of my instructor Dr. Alec Couros of Open and Networked Learning. In that session, I felt the importance of open education.

Open education means: Education sans boundaries, limitless education where I can breathe, look and wander freely without trespassing others because there are no limits. I know this is hard, but this is education for me.

While I was doing my Wiki page, I was struck by the fact  that I have either to take permission from the sites I use their images or use Creative Commons images only. Of course I could not do the first one because that will take much time and will be repeated for every picture. The only solution is to go Creative Commons. The problem is Creative Commons pictures are not that diverse and they do not have all the themes.

I started to use Toondoo, it’s a nice website where I can draw my own images, but…..

Sorry for digression, the challenges that Dr. Couros  pointed out during his session were:

Learning in an open education environment obligates its users to learn the tools of certain medium which are now ; Internet applications. It also necessitates to have a computer with good specs. A contributer in an open education environment should be competent in using English because most education resources are in English. Thus, those who are not competent have no chance in  open education …. what a dilemma…

As for Networked learning, the optimum example for that is Youtube. This superb sharing video website taught me many things.  I always use YouTube to search for classroom material. It even taught me how to do a movie maker video for my final presentation.

Another great session was that of Dean Shareski. In that session I learned the term of digital identity. I literally cannot forget that session because I kept dreaming about my digital identity and that I should have a digital domain. Everything we put online is just public, no matter how much security we put around this information. There are no boundaries in terms of online environment. Anyone can reach anything in any place at any time.  Increasing number of emplyers search for their employees on social networks. It seems that social networks get the worst of us! We usually put pictures or comments for fun unknowing that this might be used against us someday…

This is a good video about digital identity



  1. So you were not able to find many copyleft images? What sources did you use? I know there are many in Flickr and Google Search (under advanced search). I’d like to know what limitations you saw as this would be very interesting to me.

  2. I did not know how to search; there was no web engine that only searches creative commons. that was a dilemma for me until Jamie gave me this blog link about how to search creative commons and then I knew about advanced search in Flickr. But, still I feel I am missing many good photos because of boundaries of copyrights…

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