Pay it forward1

Couple of days ago while I was thinking about my project, I thought I want this wiki to help teachers around the world because I am amazed by the amount of teachers who help others on Twitter. I now have this spirit of sharing ( I had this before of course :). However, it’s now itching. I want to share what I have of information with everyone to learn. I think this is because Dr. Couros usage of sharing quotes:)

I have been thinking in what Dr. Couros did in the course, he got ones of the best educators  to contribute in our experience. The dedication and collaboration  they showed surprised me because they are people who believe in something. They believe in the power of education and we can change and improve.

Yes, we can do it! We are going to pay it forward to our students and colleagues. The course may be over, but our journey is not over.

We have learned how to use Twitter. I had an account on Twitter which I have never considered as a means of development, but here comes the day I am using Twitter and Tweetdeck.  I learned that Personal Learning Environments  are not what they called “personal”. It’s about sharing.  I find this class is an eye-opening experience because when I think about the tools I learned I find they where just in front of me and I did not use them such as delicious.

One of the most inspiring sessions we had is that of Sheryl Nussbaum. I adore the questions she posed in the session. She challenged us in integrating what we learn in our communities and asked very difficult questions many of them I have not thought of before.

The questions that I like and I can answer after this course are:

1- How does it mean to be a connected learner?

It’s a liberating experience to be connected to be working with others regardless of time, place, language, etc… It’s that language that gathers us all ( improvement). When I talk with my coworkers I feel the difference between what I have and what they have. I do not mean underestimating what they have, but everyday I grow with what I have. I just know more.  I am able to benefit students more in many aspects they want to learn about.

2- Definition of a community: it’s a place where I share and feel that my contributions are taken into consideration. It’s a place where I benefit from others’ expertise.

3-  What makes a healthy community?

A healthy community is  place where I move from a  consumer into a contributer. I see myself as a person who developed throughout this class. This is the first time to do a blog and I used to escape from that by writing papers, but having no option except doing that I had to explore it and just write…

I think that my posts developed throughout the whole class because I was getting feedback both fom my instructor and my classmates. I consider myself a contributer in my classes with my students because I am encoursging them to do what I am doing.



  1. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about online communities throughout this course, so when you said “A healthy community is place where I move from a consumer into a contributer”, my eyes opened wider. Yes of course that is a key factor in community building…the more members are willing to contribute the stronger our community becomes. thanks for that insight Ola.

  2. Thanks Linda so much for your comments. I really mean what I said, in this class I learned so much from you and from others. Yes, I moved into a contributer and I’ll continue to be that person.

    Thanks Linda again

  3. You have obviously been inspired by the sharing and collorating which is occuring in this course. Your plan to “pay it forward” is to be commended. Can’t wait to learn more about your final project. Your efforts will be well worth it!

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