Final project 1

Preparing my final project is not an easy task because I chose to do a Wiki on English as  Second Language. I have always yearned to do that, but what I can say I did not have this idea of doing something on-line. I have always compiled  sheets of papers, word documents, note books about how to teach activities, games, material, some methodologies of teaching, etc… and forgot where I “misplaced” them. But, having this Wiki on-line is just amazing. I am already picturing that in my mind. I’ll try to have one of the best Wikis or the best resources in ESL. This page will continue to grow and I’ll invite my fellow teachers in the same school to join it. I do have great aspirations for it. As my experience grows, the Wiki will grow. I just want teachers to open this Wiki and find answers because it always happens to me that I have to search everywhere online for an answer and sometimes I just have to improvise. I  am not saying it will have all answers, but at least the basics so that teachers have something to refer to. I’ll add my email account so people can contact me if they have ideas or suggestions.  I may have a page where teachers can edit and add anything they may like.For me that Wiki is  a break through as a teacher and unless I took this course I would not have thought of that.

Designing an online page is just laborious. I did not thought that. It’s extremely difficult to to design a website. getting the information, feedback, visual aids, copy rights, etc… Oh my…

But, what  I am thinking of now, how can I make this page the most visited ESL page? I really want teachers to find what they want. I am an English teacher and I should be able to understand their needs.

I have links on my Wiki about:

  • Methods of teaching
  • Online resources
  • ESL activities and ice-breakers
  • Learning styles
  • Teaching English videos

Are these enough? I think not. I am still working on the content. But, I want to make the page appealing to its users. It’s not only about content.

The problems I am facing are:

  • Organizing information and visuals
  • Organizing my pages in an attractive way
  • copy right issues
  • Searching for content

I intend to get feedback from my fellow Twitter teachers and My coworkers. Some of them  have already given me some pieces of advice. So, let’s hope it turns out good…



  1. I would suggest the content areas are broad enough with the five topics you have chosen. I have sent you copyright information to your email. Remember, you can link to things that are on the web, but you should not download papers, images, etc., to your wiki unless they are copyleft (Creative Commons) or you have permission from the author.

    If you need any more help on this, do let me know.

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