Facebook VS google

Facebook VS google

This is a real interesting article about the troubles between Facebook and Google. As Gmail allows it’s users to find friends based on their contacts, but Facebook does not do the same for Gmail. It even allows this service to other email platforms like Yahoo.

This is a quote from the article:

“In response, Google denied Facebook the ability to pull in information from Google Contacts. Facebook successfully investigated a workaround. Google responded by posting a large missive for those trying to use Facebook’s workaround to import Google information.

“”You have been directed to this page from a site that doesn’t allow you to re-export your data to other services, essentially locking up your contact data about your friends,”” read a message on Google’s Gmail page.

“”We think this is an important thing for you to know before you import your data there. Although we strongly disagree with this data protectionism, the choice is yours. Because, after all, you should have control over your data.””

So, what is  happening? Why are the two gigantic electronic websites having difficulties with co-existence? Is that  because Facebook realizes  that it’s this click of  a half billion users that will crown Google over any other search engines. But, it’s already the king over search engines. Technology can be frightening it is like drug industry. Sometimes the people who control that industry just do not  care about making people’s lives easier than what it is. Many things are hidden in technology world. Until  now we do not know how we get our search results. I mean why do we get them in this order?

It’s scary when we think we can be monitored if we google some taboos; political stuff.


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