My surprise money…

At this time of  a month (usually at the end of it) I do not have money… So,  at many times I borrow some from my family. However, I have this habit of leaving some money in my purses. Last Friday, when I opened one of my purses, I found good sum of money around 300 Egyptian pounds. For me that was really great because now I can repay my mother, and have money for the rest of the month…Finding that amount of money in such time made me realize that storing certain things does not mean leaving them, but keeping them for the time of need.

This can be applied on technology. During a presentation in the Global Education Conference, I knew several sites and I am going to explore them in this post and keeping their importance in a safe place of my mind to use them later.


This is a very effective tool to create cartoons and comics using a simple way. You can use it in many different lessons for teaching English, math, geography, etc.. What is great about this site is that it has many characters and many cultural places. Students will be surprised to find pictures about their lesson and active dialogue between characters. You can create your own stories drived  from experience, culture, etc…

2-  Voice Thread

It seems like a very good tool for sharing feedback, but of course it is not free! It enables teachers to share online documents, videos, images and leave comments by different means; voice comments by using  microphone, telephone,  or written comments.

3- Wordle

This is a very good website for creating fun “word clouds” whether from texts you paste on the website or write.

Teachers can use it for games, for example rearranging sentences or words


This is a good website, if you like to have fun while teaching children. You can use this website  to put voice overs on any picture. You can bring any picture and put voice over either by recording your voice or uploading any voice over from your computer.

5- Tagxedoo

This site for creating “word clouds” I do not know how this might be used in  a class, but I thought it ‘s fun and can add something to lessons. However, when I tried to create a tag cloud, a pop up window  appeared asking me to install a plug in. I am so tried of all these plug ins on my P.C.

6- Vimeo

A nice tool to share video. The sign up options are good. Despite having premium subscription, they offer a good deal for free users.

7- Jing

This is a very nice tool to create videos of what you see on your computer screen. You can also use  highlights, arrows, text inside the image you crop from your computer. Premium users can  upload videos from their webcam into Jing.


This is a website for sharing and organizing photos. It’s the same as flicker. It looks neat, but flicker will be more popular. It’s google powered site for google fans!



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