Random thoughts

I am starting my final project and it will be a Wiki to assist ESL teachers. To do that I have to read many reources about ESL teaching. I will compile the activities I use in my classroom and my colleagues activities in an activity page. I intend to share this on Twitter after I put some activities and content on it. I had this idea to do a website for ESL teachers, but I did not take the first step to do it. This Wiki will be my resort to keep record of activities I try and use in my classroom because sometimes one just forgets activities and how to lead discussion in a certain topic.

So here we start my final project…


I had today an amzing gathering in the American Embassy in Cairo, despite the tiring security measures (hew)… It was about social media and entrepreneurship. I came to talk about my experince using social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc..especially after  ECI831 and how I see social media in spreading the word. I met wonderful people; co-founders of TEDxCairo. It’s Cairo own TED. They were interested in TED and they thought that Egypt has many thinkers, developers, creative people in many aspects. So, they just started it out.They started the first event through creating a Facebook page. The word spread through a social medium. Their event was  a blast that the hall was full…

They had many Egyptian speakers inspiring others about their experinces and that there is nothing called impossible.Till now I watched two TEDx Cairo talks. It’s really inspiring to know that we have “these” people in our lives who actually care.

I had the opportunity to meet a dedicated woman who is a social entrepreneur. She helps poor families, prisoners’ families, disadvantaged people etc… to sell their hand-crafted products. It was so moving to see all those voluntary people who do that for others. They just want to make other people’s lives better.

To warp up my experince today, I knew that we have TEDx Cairo and they are a wonderful voluntary team who are trying to touch others’ lives.

I met a woman who is trying to make other people’s lives a better by going to rural places in Egypt to discover those disadvantaged families and sell their products to guarantee a good standard of  living to those families.  Her business website is charisma arts



  1. Sounds like a very worthwhile project, Ola. I had had a lot of ideas for mine, but am yet to actually get working on it. I am hoping for inspiration! I am excited to see your final project and that of our other classmates. Good luck!

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