goodbye privacy

Yesterday  November 2nd 2010 we had an amazing session with Dean Shareski who introduced the concept of digital identity. He brought to my attention this concept which I was not aware of at all. He asked us to google our names and I actually did that several times and found Facebook page, Fulbright alumna, and other social network accounts. But I did not think of the concept of digital identity.His talk is still echoing in my head. Today when I woke up I was still thinking about that. I seriously think about having my virtual domain which displays what I want people to know about me. Potential employers may google my name and I want them to find useful information that helps them to hire me eventually!

According to Wikipedia, digital identityrefers to the aspect of digital technology that is concerned with the mediation of people’s experience of their own identity and the identity of other people and things. Digital identity also has another common usage as the digital representation of a set of claims made by one digital subject about itself or another digital subject”. So….

Is having a digital identity a desirable addition to our lives?

Do we have to have a digital identity in the first place?

Does it endanger our individuality and privacy?


To answer those questions, I have not thought before of having a digital identity. I am just one of  billions who are using Internet. Why would I care to create an identity for me? The answer is yes, I should care to create an appropriate one for me.  We are using Internet to search and find out about places, so why not people. Why not to find out  about who we are hanging out with, family members  etc…

The question is, Does it invade privacy? We are using Internet and our names must have been mentioned somewhere. It’s impossible to prevent that. Many people are dragged to  BE online. So, why not have what I want to display, what favors me… I think in such digital age privacy is already invaded as long as we have Facebook accounts. This invasion can be to a certain extent, it depends on what people show about their lives. However, it is inevitable to have digital identity as long as we use Internet. Now, it’s our turn to decide what should be put on to draw our image.

Couple of videos about Facebook privacy and goodbye old privacy in facebook age …..



  1. Privacy is a funny thing, it is in a constant state of flux and to a large extent, we choose what we want to be private and what we want to be public. The problem with facebook is that they didn’t assume that everything was private. They assumed that everything shared would be public. This caught us off guard because we are used to things being private unless we choose to make them public. Don’t forget that nearly everything we do is public now. From what we search on Google, to what we watch on TV, to what we buy when we use our discount cards.

    • Yes, I agree with you especially on your line ” The problem with facebook is that they didn’t assume that everything was private. They assumed that everything shared would be public.” Facebook is for sharing, nothing is private on Facebook. I even read this article that once you put a picture on Facebook, it’s difficult to delete. It stays on the network.

  2. I agree with Kelly that we ultimately decide what we want to keep private and what we want to divulge. I also kind of assume that any information I enter online or through some electronic medium could, at some point, become public. A little frightening, I guess, but I love your line: “Now, it’s our turn to decide what should be put on to draw our image.” You state that perfectly, because we really do control of our digital identity, and need to make it a priority to take ownership of that.

  3. last week’s class has inspired me to follow up on something I have been thinking about for some time and that is the creation of an on-line portfolio. Our college is promoting the use of holistic portfolios for both personal and professional development of students and staff–some use them to explore their self identity, some to apply for academic credit, some to find employment. One one person that I know of from our staff has done a digital’s great and now I want to do my portfolio on line…it’s a lot easier than carrying around a great big the time you get to be my age you need many binders!

    • hhhhhhhhh, that is really neat Linda, You know I attend many PD sessions and I do many presentations and preparations. However, I started to think that I really need something that has all of this. The activities that I read, teaching methodologies, peer observation etc… Then, the idea of the final project sorted that out because I’ll have something to refer to and share with my colleagues which is my Wiki…

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