ACCESS Students

I got this email the other day from the American Embassy in Egypt asking  the American Department of State alumni help train ACCESS students. To clarify things out, I was a Fulbright scholar 2007/08. I spent a year teaching Arabic to undergraduates and taking two courses per semester.

The ACCESS is a grant to Arab students ranging between 14 and 16 to speak English fluently. It is a grant funded by the American Department of State. I signed up for the “close up” program to help those ACCESS students. We had the meeting in the American Embassy last Thursday and we were 38 persons from different programs sponsored by the American Department of State. We did not know what we should do to these students.  We had different ideas about giving classes about out experince in the U.S. But, this is not enough. We should do presentations about “life skills”. These students need English as well as other things. They need to foresee the future without having to stumble. I want to do presentations about: future, goals in life,  or achieving your goal. I tend to find myself leaning towards the soft skills part person. I want to discover potentials in those kids and encoursge them to pursue their goal. I have rough thoughts about this. I do not know what else I should speak about. I do not want to lecture them. I want to give a good funny presentation where they have fun and benefit. So…

Let me ask you this question, what are the experiences that adults can provide to young learners?


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