The age of Twitter

I chose to write about Twitter and my perspective of Twitter now after taking ECI 831 at the University of Regina.  Yesterday I had a prepositions presentation as I was taking IBM tarning to be certified trainer for accent and language. I was swamped with work;  classes to teach and my own classes I am taking. I tweeted the need for fun activities for prepositions. ShellTerrell ,as her Twitter name, started that up when I sent her a mention needing an activity for prepositions. I also sent mentions to two educators that Jamie, one of my classmates,  advised me to follow. I had many mentions about prepositions activities. I was extremely happy that many people who do not know me are helping me just because I pleaded for help. I did the presenation yesterday and I am now certified IBM trainer. yuppppppppppppi

My Twitter experience started from the beginning of the course with many mentions coming out. I just stood watching. Being a Twitter watcher did not last that long. I started following people  viewing what they post. My Twitter experience came to fruition when I knew TweetDeck. Before downloading it, I could not follow my mentions. I tweeted questions, but did not find any answers because I did not know how to check the mentions (till now I do not know that on Twitter). Then, I asked Dr. Courosa about TweetDeck and downloaded it. It’s just an amazing tool to follow up Twitter and your friends mentions.

I think last Tuesday 10/19/2010 was start  engrossing age on Twitter thanks to Dr. Courosa and TweetDeck 🙂



  1. Congratulations on being a certified IBM trainer!

    I began my Twitter experience as a “Twitter watcher” as well and it, too, did not last long. I find it a very powerful tool for those of us in education and educational technology in particular. Your experience searching for activities with prepositions highlights how fantastic it is as part of a PLN.

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