starting online communities

starting up online coommunities

I liked what Dr. Alec Courosa posted on his twitter page. It’s an article about online communities and starting online businesses. Most of the experinces this post provided is about listening to people responses. Interacting with people is the key to success in any business.

Many businesses come out with slogans to denote that such as :

Marriott ” The answer is yes”. “We ‘re pleased to serve”. “Your smile is our aim” Not sure of the last one. If you know more slogs please add them.

However, listening to customers is not only related to business. It can be about anything in life such as politics, elections, education, softwares, relationships.. etc

Our life is mainly based on satifying others. Yes, we should statify them. But, at the same time, do the “other” know what they want? and do we have to listen? what are the concequences of not listening?

I think listening is a bless, but sometimes excessive use of listening is something that you cannot just do constantly. You cannot statify all people and businesses and humans have toaccept this. So, we will play on  the majority. However, we have this notion “moving with the current/crowd”. I think that some people may not voice their concerns just because they disapprove what the crowd agrees on. It really needs audacity to do this in the face of opposition. Right or wrong… do not know, what I know is just speak up…

NB: do not know whether this post make sense, but these thoughts came out to my mind while writing and I thought of sharing them.



  1. Hi Ola,
    Thanks for your post.

    Two quick things:

    1) It is good practice to link to the post that you are referring to. Others will not know, and it is important to reference such links via hyperlink. If you need help with this, in understanding how, let me know.

    2) Please use the spell-checker via WordPress, or you may consider composing this in Word (spell-checked) and then pasting it into the blog. There are a few, very avoidable errors here.

    Thanks for your thoughts, and I look forward to your blog posts.

  2. there was also a slogan… I think by British Telecom that said the following: ‘It’s good to talk”
    That is exactly what social media allows: people to community in a two way, many times in a multiway direction. The other good thing with channels like this you are using – your blog, or twitter, or… is that since we are deprived of body language, we need to use other ways to let you know we are reading you, i.e., listening to you. So the responses we provide to assure the channel is working can start wonderful conversations.

  3. Ola, I wonder whether businesses have so many slogans saying they’ll listen because customers’ biggest complaint is that companies DON’T listen.

    I was in online chat with AT&T yesterday, and found it very annoying that they kept pasting in phrases that were obviously in their book: “I’m right here”, “We are sorry you are experiencing this problem”, “I am here to serve you”. Drove me crazy. Took two hours to have them change a password, and I had to call to have them do it. I’d like less reassurance and more action!

    What we’re seeing here may be a response to people feeling that companies are impersonal and don’t CARE. I’m not sure it has to do with listening or conversation so much as that people think an emotional connection is somehow needed. I think this is where human relationships and business relationships should be more separate.

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