Reflections on Dr. Schiwer virtual session

I truly enjoyed Dr, Schwier informative presentation about the history of technology despite the fact I was awake at 4:00 am Egypt time ūüė¶
Some points I pondered at:
1- I really like his definition of technology as a way to meet our needs. This makes everything we use in our lives as a piece of technology to meet our mounting needs.
This is the first time I hear this definition and it quite suits me. It should be the way people should look at technology. Technology has not come recently. It has been there on earth for us to discover and hone. It can be the simplest invention like fire.
2- Novelty is a great and educators should use it as means of attracting more people to their blog, classes, presentations, etc…
3-¬† Education technology is more than computers, Internet, etc…
We are talking about changing people’s points of views about education technology. Its not only about innovation though it can be an important part of education technology. I think education technology can incorporate any tools used in relation to education. Even dice if it’s used in education can be part of education technology.
4- A great comment Dr. Schwier said about technology is that North Americans think they invented technology while other cultures have contributed to technology like the Asian, Arab, etc…

I embedded a  Youtube link to a video about Arab contributions is:

Your own learning environment:

My learning environment is street….. Cairo streets.¬† I get a lot from watching people and interacting with them. Cairo is an extremely vibrant and crowded city where different cultures exist. Cairo is a mixture of all cities in Egypt. So, one can find people from coastal cities as well as upper Egypt.Cairo captures¬† many people for the diversity it has. You can find rich, poor, middle class families. People struggling through life and people send their children to American or British schools spending thousands of¬† dollars. At times you feel that Cairo is disconncted, but truly Cairo is truly connected at times of religious festivals, national causes, soccar matches….

Streets and people of Cairo are my greatest teachers.


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  1. I loved your blog AND I loved the video you published with it.

    I had the good fortune to have had Rick Schwier as both a professor and an advisor for my masters project. Rick is above all a practical and down to earth man while still an academic.

    You are right; technology is a way to meet needs. Ideas as well as artifacts are technologies.

    I especially like your comment about the ethnocentrism of North Americans regarding innovation and technology (and culture, and history, and education and….). One of the coolest results of the connected world is that North Americans can be continually challenged and educated about their place in the world.

    I look forward to your next blog.

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