Welcome to my blog

I’ve always wanted to start a blog ,an educational one, but I think I was too busy or too lazy to do this. But, here I am pushed by the course I am taking now:)

This blog will be about anything and everything I think teachers and/or educators may benefit from. Personally, as an ESL teacher, I really need many activities to teach vocabulary, grammar, reading, and listening. So, my blog will include that as well. I face many challenges in my class such as trying to minimize the use of our first language, Arabic, or convincing students that learning English needs so much practice and patience because we do not practice English except in our class time.

Another challenge  is incorporating technology in ESL settings especially in developing countries. Access to Internet, familiarity with technology, using technology in learning the language and getting out of traditional molds  and start using technology such as blogs, electronic dictionaries, electronic websites, English websites, search engines, and/or video posting websites.

These were some of the ideas I have concerning this blog.

Here we go, our journey starts here with education, technology and ESL.

P.S feel free to ask or post your opinion on what I write.





  1. Hi Ola welcome to the world of blogging. The hardest step is getting started and you’ve done that now. I started to blog a year ago as a requirement for a course of study I was taking with the ou. I found it a great space to reflect, muse, gather my thoughts and as a repository for my ideas. My daughter just started blogging too, although on fashion not education. Good luck

  2. Congratulations on setting up a blog, I am sure you will find it invaluable in reflecting on your learning. Can I suggest the following to help you on your way:

    1 Tag everything that you write, you never know how big your blog is going to grow;
    2 Link to any resources or research diligently, your audience will appreciate the effort;
    3 Engage in conversation through comments.
    4 Build audience by visiting blogs and commenting.


  3. Ola,

    Kudos to you for starting a blog! You have an exciting, challenging and wonderful journey ahead. I hope you keep writing and connecting with other educators on sites like twitter, plurk and classroom 2.0. They are great places to share your blog and ideas, get support, and even begin friendships. Best of luck to you and keep writing!

  4. Hi Ola,

    I did look at the website you mentioned; it surely has lots of videos on technology itself; unfortunately, that’s not my passion and I can’t really speak to how good they are. I hope there is someone more knowledgeable than me who could share their thoughts about it.

    So I’ve got one for you since you mentioned teaching English to students as a second language. How helpful might these be: http://www.englishmedialab.com/index.html

    The website was created by a teacher who lives in China.

    Best wishes,

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